Purchase NDW data and services

NDW provides additional support for governments, such as access to a 24/7 service desk. Market parties can also take advantage of NDW's additional services by entering into a Data + Services agreement.

This is a reciprocal agreement in which NDW and the customer agree which services NDW offers and which reciprocal services the customer provides in return.

These counterparts can differ greatly, but relate to data (transfer) or services. This includes checks on data quality, enrichment of the data and transmission of safety-related messages to road users.

The market party considers whether their consideration is in proportion to the added value of the additional services. In addition to access to a 24/7 service desk, this includes service level agreements (agreements on the speed with which any disruptions in the data flow are remedied), participation in the user consultation, supporting information provision, etc.

For an example of the Data + Services agreement, mail to servicedesk@ndw.nu.