Our services

It takes a lot of effort to keep the continuous flow of mobility data good and constant. NDW takes care of this centrally for all road authorities.

Much of our traffic data is collected by the public authorities themselves, primarily for their own use. But this is not all there is. The quality of the data must be monitored, the data must be stored quickly and correctly, it must be standardized and so on. As NDW, we take care of the lion's share of that work on behalf of the road authorities.

Purchase of data

Governments collect most, but not all traffic data. NDW has therefore concluded a framework agreement with eleven market parties (data suppliers). This offers the opportunity to tender orders from the NDW partners to measure, according to the needs of the relevant road authority.

Common data portal, tools and support

The main system of NDW is the database itself. But NDW also develops specific tools for the partners, such as a viewer to present the traffic data and user-friendly reporting software.

Quality monitoring

The NDW partners have made clear agreements about the quality of the data. NDW monitors these agreements. If it appears that problems arise, we take immediate action 24/7.

Procurement and management of ICT systems

The data chain is in fact one large chain of ICT systems, supplied by various market parties. NDW takes care of the contract management for the partners, including the (European) tendering of new contracts.


In order to exchange our data smoothly, we need to work in a standardized manner. For some applications, no agreements have yet been made about this. In that case, NDW will enter the standardization process on behalf of the authorities - and make a substantial contribution to the development of standards.

Transition management

If a new standard has to be introduced, NDW acts as director. In this way, all systems in the chain can upgrade simultaneously.