NDW is an initiative of and for road authorities. The partnership is managed by a Supervisory Board. The Client Council directs the implementing organization. Finally, the Implementing Body takes on all daily tasks.

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board of NDW manages the partnership from the perspective of continuity and long-term added value. In the Supervisory Board, the participating authorities are represented by directors from the various levels of government. The Supervisory Board has an independent chairman.

Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Leen Verbeek, chairman, King's Commissioner for Flevoland
  • Robert van Asten, councilor of the Municipality of The Hague
  • Wim Willems, councilor of the municipality of Apeldoorn
  • Christophe van de Maat, provincial executive of Noord-Brabant, Mobility portfolio
  • Erica Slump, process owner and HID Rijkswaterstaat Traffic and Water Management

Client council

The Client Council directs the implementing organization from the client's interest. The agreements about what NDW supplies and the supervision thereof are central. The participating authorities are represented regionally in the Client Council.

Members of the Client Council are:

  • Roeland Allewijn, Rijkswaterstaat
  • Rob Bosma, region of the Northern Netherlands
  • Edith Brandt, Suzanne Kieft and Rachel Tienkamp, ​​Randstad North Wing region
  • Jan Willem Immerzeel, Randstad South Wing region
  • Lindy Molenkamp, ​​region East Netherlands
  • Bart Swaans, South Netherlands region
  • Astrid Weij, region Central Netherlands

There is also a Partner Consultation that prepares decision-making in the Client Council and where important substantive developments are discussed. Advisors from all NDW partners can participate in this consultation. Partners can also be represented by others.

Executive organization

The NDW Implementing Body is a flexible team of specialists who takes on all NDW's daily implementation tasks. For example, the Implementing Body takes care of the data, supports it in collecting it, develops new (data) services, etc.


NDW's partners are: Central Government (Rijkswaterstaat), all provinces, Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague, Transport Region Amsterdam and four large municipalities.